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Tired of being the strong one (or, Dammit!)

When you’re climbing out of your rabbit hole, sometimes you hit stumbling blocks.  Like big, massive tree roots shooting out of the earth that you can’t see around.  No one is there to help you and if you want out … Continue reading

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Becoming a leader …

I try to write regularly, but the past week had me focused on some other things – enjoying my mini-man before he left on vacation with his papa, working hard at finishing up my position with dignity, and putting effort … Continue reading

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I used to be righteous …

This is not exactly the blog post I was ever planning on writing, or ever voicing outside of my mind.  This is the blog post where I share an overwhelming apology to so many people, but most of all, myself. … Continue reading

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I have been moving upwards toward the light, out of this rabbit hole I’ve been stuck in for a while.  Typically, I would sit here and write about how I’ve been in such need of a hug and the depression … Continue reading

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Not enough

Many people have thought, “I am not enough,” at some point in their lives.  It crosses my mind a lot.  Daily.  I’ve thought like this for well over a decade, probably two.  It is one thing to think it, quietly, … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman just rocked my world …

Spoilers may be ahead if you are not well versed in Wonder Woman’s story.   Can I take a moment to gush about a movie that really was inspirational?  Wonder Woman.  Yes, a wonderful DC movie that I knew I … Continue reading

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Empathic Intuition … in my life

I am going to be honest by starting with this:  I am emotionally drained.  I do not want to talk to anyone and pretty much avoided that this evening as much as I could help.  I want to curl up, … Continue reading

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