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The fire inside

I was born with a fire inside. As a child, I was scared a lot. I was afraid of losing love. I can’t explain how it started, but it was there and present throughout my youth. Because of that, the … Continue reading

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Nature, anxiety, wind, and a sore bum

Being in nature is the best medicine one could ask for.  Sitting, walking, running, etc., outdoors and being present in your experience helps you to realize you are a part of a whole, integral and powerful.  Yet, the problems you … Continue reading

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I used to be righteous …

This is not exactly the blog post I was ever planning on writing, or ever voicing outside of my mind.  This is the blog post where I share an overwhelming apology to so many people, but most of all, myself. … Continue reading

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Oy with the struggles already!

First of all, I love Gilmore Girls.  To the point where I almost put the poodles quote down as the title … but what’s the point when it has nothing to do with this post?  *sigh*  I want to live … Continue reading

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Lost Together

Someone shared this quote with me: If I am lost, find me… but do not ask me to come back just yet.  Sit with me in this lost place and maybe you will understand why I come here too often, … Continue reading

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