If you are in a slump, or are looking for a reason to smile, the best place to look is an area full of dandelions with children.  There is something magical about dandelions – they are such bright, wondrously yellow beacons of hope, thriving regardless of the world around them.  I have even seen a dandelion grow in the crack of a sidewalk.  Or, perhaps even better, the ethereal white wisps of seeds, ready to be blown to freedom along a breeze (or blown forcefully and in an arc of spit from a toddler 😀 ).

My son knows how much I love flowers.  In the past, when our backyard had a plethora of dandelions (and I was trying desperately to put my new bike together without the right sized allen wrench … oy!), I gave my son a basket and told him to go fill it with treasures from the yard.  When he came back into the garage, the bottom of the basket had some blades of grass, there was a beautifully perfect pretend light saber (aka stick), and about six dandelions – bright as could be.  I couldn’t help but stop and smile.  The look on his face was priceless when he gave me the dandelions to “put inside on the table, just for you, Mommy!”  Talk about melting my heart!

I’ve always loved them, so I thought nothing of it, but pure joy and elation.

Then I thought about how so many people would begrudgingly take the weeds and throw them out behind his back.  Not me.  Not here, in the place where I am thriving through my darkness.  I am almost upset that anyone calls them weeds to begin with … I’m sure they could take over the lush, green lawns we all seem to desire, but they’re happy.  How can you not smile when you see one?  And why do we, as adults, forget the magic of a simple smile?  No, I don’t care that so many people think that dandelions are worthless.  Why do we have to measure every treasure we get against some societal rule about whether it’s good enough or not?

Frankly, I am tired of being measured by those rules, too.  You don’t get to tell me I’m worthless anymore.  (I do that enough myself sometimes, to be honest.)  We do the same things to each other – we see who is worthless and who isn’t.  We make determinations on somebody, as a whole, instead of viewing the simple beauty of them.  Maybe you don’t want dandelions in your life, which is absolutely okay, but that doesn’t mean your neighbor shouldn’t be able to enjoy them either.  I refuse to allow someone to throw me away as a meaningly, worthless weed.

No, I will be as sickeningly bright and happy as a yellow dandelion, hopefully bringing a simple smile to your lips to help you get through the day ( … or bike construction).

You want to know the best part? …

When the wind blows, the seeds I sow are blown across the plane of my existence to give birth to more happy, yellow, and apparently annoyingly persistent, blooms of love and acceptance.



*I love this image – I found it on google image search, but the linked website was corrupt.  I’m glad the artist’s name is listed here.

About Tired Little Birdie

Daydreaming is one of the best parts of my day, aside from running around with my mini-man. I am a single mom, a Ph.D., a teacher, a professional, a writer, a photographer, and generally a mess. Life is spontaneous and beautiful and heartbreaking and I am here writing about it all. Some days are more serious than others, but all in all, we are all just winging it through life.
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