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Passion fights, but reason wins.

“Passion fights, but reason wins.” This is a quote from a recent Doctor Who episode.  In the scene, the Doctor was telling his companion to not let her emotions dictate her actions; she had to be cool and calm.  Enter … Continue reading

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Attack of the Killer Cicadas

On this lovely day, I decided to share a funny story, at least now, that I wrote 13 years ago … gosh I feel old.  Enjoy …  ATTACK OF THE KILLER CICADAS My brain wasn’t working right at all.  It … Continue reading

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Failure …

There is something about failure.  You read quotes, and see people who persevere through failure, yet, it is extremely difficult to keep perspective.  When you refuse to let failure take you down a peg, you also get told that your … Continue reading

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Mountain Pose

As I sit down to write, I know I need to write, want to, but I have no idea what specifically to write about.  Today has been a good day, albeit a roller coaster of emotion.  I am working on … Continue reading

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Injustice and children …

There are times where I see something that affects me to a point where I cannot see past it; images keep playing in my head, sounds and smells stay with me, but above all of it, the feeling sticks somewhere … Continue reading

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I remember …

I remember how much we used to talk about relevant things in the world.  We would discuss politics to a depth that showed we both took things seriously, knew how serious this was, and yet, there was a respect for … Continue reading

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Powdered Sugar, a plunger, and a hot glue gun.

Today has been the kind of nutty day that pretty much explains my life :).  It was a day where I could lock my office door and get a lot of work done, a day where I got the pleasure … Continue reading

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