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I am sorry Stanley, Amanda, Oscar … Orlando

I have not written in a while.  I wish I could say there was something that stole my time and prevented me from writing something wonderful, catchy, and witty.  But honestly, I have been so emotionally drained that I did not … Continue reading

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How do we teach ‘bad’ history?

Image courtesy of I was recently looking at the history of a town and there was reference to the Trail of Tears; the removal of the Cherokee in the 1838/1839.  It was stated very matter-of-fact.  This made me think, however, … Continue reading

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I have always felt that something was missing in my life, in me.  I never quite fit in with any crowd; I was on my own.  I am extremely sensitive.  And I am highly introspective.  I will sit at night … Continue reading

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Crispy, not crunchy

I do not much like stereotypes.  Sometimes they come in handy … blaming my blonde hair when I am forgetful … no comment on how I am blonde, thank you.  Sometimes, they paint me into an uncomfortable corner, an assumed judgement, … Continue reading

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Band Aids

My son recently bit his lip after falling and it was quite a bloody mess. Once he was cleaned, he insisted on putting a band aid on his lip. It was adorable! He loves band aids. We have Star Wars, … Continue reading

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